Internet connectivity

The Internet has become an invaluable communications media, data resource and distribution channel for businesses. Until recently most small/medium size businesses accessed the Internet via dial-up modems or ISDN lines providing frustratingly slow access and charges based on the time online. There are now a number of broadband options such as T1, Frame Relay, xDSL and cable modems that offer a permanent connection with much faster access for a relatively modest fixed monthly fee.

Branch offices and mobile users can securely connect across the Internet to corporate networks using a VPN (virtual private networking) to achieve a cost effective wide area networking solution. A VPN works by encrypting the data being transmitted over public networks and is an integral feature of most firewalls.

Compupros Unlimited can advise on the most appropriate Internet connection and deploy the necessary routers and firewalls to deliver fast access and security for the local network and remote access using VPN.

Compupros Unlimited will act as a liaison between you and your ISP (internet service provider). Many times your ISP will speak in technical terms you don’t always understand. Since we understand their language as well as yours we can translate the “techie stuff” to something you can understand thus enabling you to make better informed decisions regarding you internet connectivity.

If you are looking to register a Domain Name Compupros Unlimited is full service Internet Domain Name Registrar.

Registrations start at ONLY $14.99 per year.

Compupros Unlimited sells domain name registrations including a premium service set all included in the discount price of the registration. You will find our domain names to be one of the best values around.
We offer great versatility to each domain name through easy to use and powerful tools for beginner users and advanced users alike.
Our domain names have all tools included! You do not pay extra like the other discount registrars for such services as email forwarding.

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FREE SERVICES with domain registration:

  • 10 page website – Layouts, backgrounds, WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, etc.– 
  • 100 personalized email addresses – Create up to 100 personalized email addresses and forward them to other email addresses
  •  Web/URL forwarding – Forward/redirect/frame your domain name to any other URL/website on the web
  • Name-my-phone – Give your phone a memorable, meaningful, identity
  • Name-my-map – Ever want to give someone directions to your home or business, with an easy to remember name?
  • ID Protect – Adding ID Protect to your domain can help shield you from…
  • Spam
  • Identity Theft
  • Data mining
  • Name Hijackers
  • and more…

Did you know that current ICANN regulations require that your Private contact information (WhoIs Info) be included in a publicly accessible Database?
This means that your private information is displayed and made available to anyone who wants to see it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Now you can protect your private WhoIs information by switching your “public” domain registration to a “private” unlisted registration through the Compupros Unlimited ID Protect service for just $9.99 per domain, per year.

  • DNS Services
  • Domain Portfolio Management
  • Parking Page
  • and more…

See our Complete services page for more.

We maintain multiple domain name servers located at different locations throughout the United States. Each of these locations has multiple high-bandwidth Internet connections, battery or diesel generator back-up power, security, and access to three different major Internet backbones. These dispersed, redundant name servers give Compupros Unlimited the ability to always delegate your names, with no interruptions in service. We have gone to great lengths to make sure at least one of our name servers is up at all times. The names of our name servers are as follows:

DNS – Domain Name Servers 

Feel free to use these servers in your domain name registration applications with us or other domain name registrars and registries. Make sure you use all of these name servers on your domain name registration. This will ensure that your domain name works properly even if one or two of our name servers is/are down.