Network Design

Network design

The design of the physical network has a major impact on speed and reliability of data transmission.

Most organizations now use Cat 5 structured cabling which offers a robust and flexible solution. Each computer has a dedicated cable to the switch/hub and can be connected or removed from the physical network without disruption.

Wireless networking offers a fast, flexible and cost effective solution for buildings where cabling is not yet in place or would be difficult to install.

Replacing old hubs with inexpensive switches greatly enhances the speed of data transmission by creating dedicated connections between the source and destination. Gigabit Ethernet switches and adapters are now available at a relatively modest cost and, used as a backbone, provide an excellent means of reducing bottlenecks to the servers.

Compupros Unlimited can advise on all aspects of the physical network including cabling, topology, switches and routers.

Office Wiring and Data Communications

Our partnership with experienced wiring companies can wire your new or existing offices for a data network. We use Plenum Grade Cat5 cable. We design efficient layouts using Intelligent Switches from Hewlett Packard, 3Com or Cisco. Multiple floors are connected without a degradation of bandwidth.

We connect your branch offices using several different VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies. This enables a low cost solution to connecting your offices no matter where they are in the world.