Server configuration

Forming the core of most commercial networks, the performance and reliability of the servers is fundamental in providing an efficient solution.

When evaluating existing systems and proposing new hardware we endeavor to specify failover protection where possible by utilizing RAID disk systems and redundant power supplies. Compupros Unlimited has found that deploying well specified servers at the outset offers significant benefits as the cost of upgrading older equipment tends to become relatively expensive.

From experience we recommend using the Microsoft Windows server 2008 server operating system as it offers a reliable, mature, well supported platform that is compatible to most proprietary applications. Windows 2008 incorporates Active Directory which streamlined the management of user and computers and comes as standard with Terminal Services for remote administration.

Windows Server 2008 is the most productive infrastructure platform for powering connected applications, networks, and Web services from the workgroup to the data center. Easy to deploy, manage, and use, Windows Server 2008 helps you build a secure IT infrastructure that provides a powerful application platform for quickly building connected solutions and an information worker infrastructure for enhanced communication and collaboration anytime and anywhere

Windows 2008 Server is the multipurpose network operating system for businesses of all sizes. The newest version of the best-selling server operating system, Windows 2008 Server lets you:

  • Share files and printers reliably and securely.
  • Choose from thousands of business applications compatible to run today on Windows 2008 Server.
  • Build Web applications and connect to the Internet.
  • This combination and flexibility delivers a strong business value proposition for today’s IT customer.

Small Business Server 2008 – As a small business, you have to work harder than ever. But you also have fewer resources and less margin for error than other businesses. How do you manage these obstacles and still succeed? By using Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008, that’s how. Windows Small Business Server 2008 integrates e-mail, fax, database, and secure, shared Internet into one powerful platform that’s easy to deploy. It is a complete—and completely simple—network solution.

Small Business Server 2008 – Finally, a product designed for businesses with up to 50 employees on one domain. This suite contains the three packages mentioned above and much more for a fraction of the price of the sum of its components.

Compupros Unlimited offers the expertise to deploy single or multi-server environments to host the e-mail, file, print, web and database services that your organization may require.

Thin Client Solutions

Compupros Unlimited offers the design and setup of thin client networking environments using Citrix Server, Citrix is a revolutionary networking system.

In a nutshell Citrix works by taking most of the processing away from your pc and does the work at the server (mind you it should be a very powerful server). What this means is that under a citrix network, the processing part of most things you do such as writing a letter in word, doing calculations in excel etc, would be done by the server. The benefit of having the sever do all the work via thin client network, is the reduction in cost of migrating and upgrading the network, because currently every few years employers are forced to upgrade their office computers to take advantage of the more power-hungry software and operating systems. By taking all the processing to the sever via a thin client network, this eliminates the need to upgrade individual office computers and instead only the server will be upgraded as needed. I think it is claimed by citrix that by taking the processing to the server, the user can get along fine on a 386x computer.