Virus and Spam protection

Virus and Spam protection

Being hit with a computer virus is very real threat and one that can have a devastating effect on your business.

Entire networks can be brought down in a matter of minutes bringing operations to a standstill until the system is cleaned. The most notorious viruses are spread by e-mail and once activated can propagate to all the recipients in your address book – including your customers!

Virus protection software can be very effective in reducing the risk but is only effective if it is correctly configured and is regularly updated with information on the latest viruses. The risk of infection can be further reduced by educating staff on safe practices.

Compupros Unlimited can install and configure a wide range of virus software including Trend Micro Antivirus and provide guidance on how to avoid virus infection. If you have already been infected we can provide a cleansing service and restore systems to normal operation.

Spam is a very real problem in today’s e-mail systems. If you have an inbox then you know what we are talking about. Compupros Unlimited recommends the use of spam control software. Whether installed on the server or at the desktop spam prevention is a must.