Wide area networks

Networking between distributed offices allows common data resources to be shared and consolidated in a central location.

Sites can be linked using leased lines, ISDN or by using a VPN to transfer data across the Internet. Leased lines are still quite expensive and are generally only used by larger companies. ISDN is comparatively slow and can also be expensive if the lines are used for long periods of time. xDSL and cable modem broadband internet connections are fast and offer a continuous link for a relatively low cost. Secure links can be established over the Internet by using a VPN ensure privacy.

A VPN utilizes sophisticated encryption and encapsulation technology to allow data to be securely transmitted across the Internet. Remote workers and branch offices can establish network connections from any location using their local Internet connection. This solution can be used with standard dial-up access but is particularly effective with high speed broadband Internet connections..

The VPN forms an integral feature of many firewall systems. Compupros Unlimited can provide a range of IPSec, PPTP and VPN solutions including theSonicWALL Firewall system.

To reduce traffic between sites, the servers at each location can hold frequently accessed data and be periodically synchronized with a central server. Data that is only required occasionally can be retrieved when needed across WAN connections.

Compupros Unlimited can advise on the most effective WAN solution for your business and deploy the necessary infrastructure to link your systems together.